Laws and statutes of limitation vary state by state, and it’s important to hire an auto accident injury attorney that knows them like the back of their hand. However, we don’t want to settle for the first person whose ad we see, and it’s important to do our research.

If we don’t have any prior experience in hiring this type of lawyer, we should know what to look for, and how to choose one. So, we have composed a list of the most important traits an auto accident injury attorney should have.

Focus on Auto Injury

Much like any other field of study, the law has its specialists, too. For example, there are lawyers who focus on work, medical malpractice, animal bites, slip injuries, etc. We should look for those with experience and a focus on auto accident injuries.

Attorney’s Reputation

Although word of mouth recommendations still have some power to them, in this day and age, we have to research the attorneys for ourselves. We can do that by visiting their website and looking for online reviews to get a better idea of what they’re like.

Dedication to Our Case

To decide if a lawyer can truly focus on our case, there are a couple of factors we should consider. First of all, we should take a look at their current caseload. Although we shouldn’t expect an attorney to work only on our case, a big caseload could hinder them from doing their job. Additionally, an attorney could have a bigger caseload, but not to the point where they’re spreading themselves to thin.

Secondly, we should consider how they treat us and our case. Of course, we don’t expect daily phone calls, but they need to keep the lines of communication open. A good attorney should give us regular updates and always be there to answer all our questions.

Comfort Level

It’s important that we’re comfortable enough with our attorney to be able to tell them everything that we need to. However, trust is a two-way street and more often than not it depends on the lawyer’s behavior.

We’ll also need to consider if we’re confident that the lawyer of our choice is able to win our case. We can do that by inquiring about the success rate they’ve had with previous auto accident injury cases. Moreover, we could also ask them about how they plan to argue and win our case. If we’re comfortable with their answers, our search is over. However, if we don’t like what we hear, we should keep looking.

Final Bit of Advice

We should always make sure our lawyer has a lot of experience and proven success with cases similar to ours. Additionally, we should confirm that they are licensed to practice law in our state.

Finally, we shouldn’t hesitate to discuss the fees and payments they require. Most attorneys offer a free first consultation to learn more about the case and explain their rates. An auto accident injury attorney will typically take a percentage of our settlement (a contingency fee) as payment. However, some attorneys include fees that we have to pay even if they don’t win in court.

To Conclude

Unfortunately, vehicle-related accidents are an everyday occurrence all over the world. And when our insurance company refuses to pay us what we deserve after the accident, we must consider hiring an auto accident injury attorney. They will advise us on our rights,  advocate for us, and make sure we get back everything we’ve lost.

Needless to say, the most important aspect of choosing a great attorney is finding the one that is the most likely to win our case. We should look for someone with the most experience and a high success rate in winning vehicle-related accident cases. We hope this article can make everyone feel confident in making an informed decision and choosing the best attorney.