If our insurance company refuses to honor its commitment, we can’t do much other than file a lawsuit. We can read up on the laws and try to file a suit personally or hire an auto accident injury attorney.

However, vehicle-related accidents can be a bit more difficult to prosecute than other types. The biggest reason behind this is that they can result in both personal injury and monetary loss.

So, if we’ve suffered more serious injuries, we’ll need someone with advanced knowledge of personal injury laws and procedures. But first, let’s take a look at when we can and should hire an attorney.

Physical Injury and Monetary Loss

When we face a long recovery from severe injuries and debts caused by huge medical bills, we should hire an accident injury attorney. We should also hire an attorney if the ordeal causes us to miss work and/or lose our paycheck. To calculate the amount due, the severity of the injury will be measured by:

  • The length of the recovery
  • Type of injury
  • Current and future medical costs
  • Whether it was a permanently disabling injury

Settlements for smaller injuries are typically quite straightforward, but long-term and permanent injuries are much more complicated. Long-term injuries typically last about a year or so, while permanent ones are those that disable us for life. They affect both our quality of life, as well as the ability to get and keep a job.

Moreover, insurance companies will try to dispute these claims, and we’ll need an auto accident injury attorney to prove the scope of the damage. The attorney will consult our doctors and call in experts to prove that the accident has indeed impacted us negatively.

Disputed Liability

An insurance company could deny all responsibility or even claim we don’t have the proof that they’re the ones that should pay. Therefore, they’ll refuse to compensate for our losses, and try to deny all liability.

Let’s not forget that the primary focus of an insurance company is to make money, and they aren’t too happy when they have to pay up. But when we hire an attorney, their focus is that we get what we deserve. Such an attorney will use every means available to them and won’t stop until we’re happy with the outcome.

Refusal to Pay

Refusal to pay doesn’t always have to be related to disputed liability issues. The insurer could even reject all settlement offers if they think we can’t prove our case. The whole ordeal can become quite arduous, and force us to forfeit the suit altogether. However, an expert attorney won’t let this happen and will use their knowledge and experience to help us.

How to Find the Best Attorney

Because of statutes of limitations, we could lose the right to a settlement easily if we don’t act on time. So, finding a good lawyer quickly is key, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for the first one whose billboard we see on the road.

First of all, we should focus on attorneys that focus on injury cases and have some experience with them. Also, it’s important to find one that specializes in vehicle accidents that lead to personal injury.

Final Thoughts

If our body, mind, and finances have been hurt through no fault of our own, we have the right to ask for a legal remedy. Also, when we pay for insurance, we expect the company to be there for us when we need it.

However, these companies don’t always have our best interest at heart, and because of this — we sometimes need to hire an attorney. If you have an issue with your insurer denying all responsibility — feel free to call us: 251-220-2790