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Alabama is a Tort State. This means If Someone Injures You…

“They Are Responsible” to Pay for Your Medical Costs and Expenses.

This Includes Compensating You for Pain, Suffering and Loss.

In real life – some people are not interested in paying for the damages they cause others (if they don’t have to).

This can be a Big Surprise for those who have never needed a lawyer before.

How it often works, is the Insurance Agencies rely on Teams of Professionals trained to pay the injured person as little as possible.

That’s why MOST people Are Not Fully Compensated for their Medical Costs and Expenses, Property Damage, Lost Wages, Prescriptions and Physical Injuries.

That’s Why We Got into This Business… Because you shouldn’t be living on your savings or a credit card when someone else is responsible for your injuries!

As your Legal Support Team, we are here for you…

We go up against the professionals, who are trained to give you less than what’s fair.

If you would like to Receive Full Compensation for Your Suffering…

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Car Wrecks

We help accident victims win their cases because fighting against big insurance companies takes a highly-experienced team.

Injured by a Semi?

Because Big-rigs and Semi-trucks can cause major damages and severe injuries when involved in an accident, we are here to help you get the means necessary for you to recover.

Workplace Accidents

Recovering from a workplace accident can take much longer than we often think. That’s why we are here, to help you recover the funds that you will need to get through the loss of income and the piling medical bills.

Maritime Accidents

Offshore accidents can be catastrophic in their impact and long-term injuries, causing huge losses in income, and insurmountable medical bills. We can help you.


of Car Crashes result in long-term injury

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Charles McCorquodale

Charles McCorquodale


After the physical and emotional damage caused by an accident, you deserve to work with the law firm of Charles McCorquodale Law to achieve justice. If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one because of an accident or the negligence of another party, talk to the experienced lawyer, Charles McCorquodale, in Mobile, AL, about your rights and options going forward.

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