How often do we come across a car or motorcycle accident in the city and think, “I have been there!”? After experiencing an accident, we are usually shocked and confused. Among everything, the one the thing that often causes trouble is what steps we should take after an auto accident. A victim might need first aid immediately, or a major surgery later.

Further, it is difficult for common people to understand insurance policy terms. In such a situation, it is necessary to seek professional help to ensure a fair outcome.

Keeping all this in mind, the best thing to start with is to hire an auto accident lawyer.

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Meet Charles McCorquodale

Your personal injury lawyer

Based in Mobile, Alabama, Charles McCorquodale caters to the needs of a variety of clients. The cases range from auto accidents to medical malpractice. A majority fall under personal injury.

The firm believes that injury is a matter of concern which needs swift action. Namely, the harm caused to a client may affect their daily life. Sometimes, accidents may even cut off their income. Therefore, it is important to take the right steps and ensure that the client is fairly compensated.

Legal Services

Now that we’ve learnt who Charles McCorquodale is, let’s take a look at the list of services that his law firm offers –

  • Accidents
    • Car
    • Construction
    • Maritime
    • Motorcycle
    • Truck and Taxi-service accidents
  • Medical
    • Medical malpractice
    • Defective medical devices
  • Defective products, liability, personal injury

Specifically, McCorquodale’s expertise lies in auto accidents. Irrespective of how we drive, we are always at risk of accidents. While we can’t always avoid them, taking timely action after an accident is in our control!

Need for an auto accident lawyer

Most common causes of accidents are drunk driving, distraction, and unfavorable weather conditions. As per a CDC report, Alabama citizens are twice as likely to die because of auto accidents.

A car crash can change a person’s life. Due to this fact, ensuring that the victim gets fair compensation can be challenging. So, choosing the right auto crash lawyer is the first step. Expertise in the field, as displayed by Charles McCorquodale, is key to a quicker result. While a personal injury expert might do a good job, an auto injury lawyer keeps themselves up to date. Pursuing any case is easy since they have plenty of knowledge about the subject on a closer level.

Above all, if an injured person does not take the necessary steps on time, all efforts towards justice may become futile. McCorquodale’s firm treats all cases in the same manner regardless of the extent of the damage. The lawyer aims to examine each case from different points of view to ensure justice for a client.

Also, it is natural to expect that people will pay up after hurting somebody. But, it’s surprising to see how many won’t, unless forced to. That’s when a lawyer has to step in.

Not to forget, insurance companies know how to run their business very well. They control the amount of money a customer gets in times of need. So, dealing with the trauma of an accident along with fighting for justice can be quite a task.

The best way to protect ourselves would be to hire an auto accident lawyer. One that is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue justice. One like Charles McCorquodale.